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Note to self: voice commands are getting interesting

I may have mentioned (quite a few times) that I just purchased a Nexus 4. Perhaps seduced by its shininess, and definitely provoked by a novel operating system, I’ve found myself exploring its features like a… well, like a nerd. And against my expectations, it’s the voice command that has got me most* excited.

The killer feature, for me, is the ability to tap the mic icon (it’s right there on the home screen!), say “note to self” and have an email sent to yourself with your subsequent note. I email myself maybe four times a day with reminders. Now I can do it with one tap. It also attaches a sound file of your dictation to the email. Is this a gimmick? Maybe. But I have been genuinely using it. And to be honest, it’s a silly over-simplification to call this the ‘killer feature’. It’s more symbolic of the joyful interactions that are peppered throughout the Nexus 4 experience.

*There are other features I love too, but this one needed a blog post. I know, because I had a reminder to write one ;)

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