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Why Google Plus will prevail

So begins a great article Fast Company article, generic courtesy of Glyn Britton.

You may know that I’m fairly supportive of metaphors and analogies. And remain so. But this FC post highlights one of their potential dangers:

“From its launch through today, look everyone viewed Google Plus as “Google’s version of Facebook,” because that’s the only sticky, simple headline that we can wrap our brain around.”

The article goes on to colourfully spell out something that Neil Perkin has said before: That Google Plus is not simply trying to be a new Facebook – it is the

“the Borg-like hive-queen that connects all the other Google products like YouTube, Google Maps, Images, Offers, Books, and more. […] —the new backbone of a company that does search better than anyone already.”

You can and should read the article in full here, but if your finger is too weak to click or tap, then here is a super simple breakdown of – according to Fast Company –  the three ways Google Plus is ensuring it will become integral… to all of us:

Step 1:
Google Authorship–bloggers can link their Google Plus profile to the content they create.

Step 2:
Google Plus Local Business pages. Reviews, hours, pics, videos, local search–all housed in one place.

Step 3:
All of those other things that you already love get better. When you have Google Plus, those communities and that video just appear when you search for your best guess.

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