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Technology we want to wear

Search for “activity tracker” and you’ll see a load of products that look like this:

Why? Because as the technology emerged to make products like this possible, medical an aesthetic seemed to arrive with it. Sensor-based technology of all kinds was encased in friendly plastic shapes, nurse presumably in an attempt to look representative of a future we’ve glimpsed in Sci-fi movies.

Then the Withings Activé comes along (link via Ian Bach). A fitness tracker without any curved bright plastic in sight:

This design ‘feels’ fresh. And yet of course, it’s not. It’s a return to more classic watch design. It’s funny that it should feel disruptive. That it should take so long for a company to remember what sort of objects we like to wear. Do early movers think it undermines their ‘innovation’ message if a design looks familiar? Either way. LIKE.

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