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On being tap-friendly

If you’ve spent any time designing – or using! – mobile apps then you’ll have noticed that some functionality can be achieved two different ways: the straightforward way and the ‘expert’ way.

For example. On the Facebook mobile app, thumb you can swipe left and right between friend requests, treatment messages and notifications – or you can tap the icons at the top.
Or on Google maps, buy viagra where you can zoom in and out by tapping the zoom buttons, or stroke your finger up/down on the second tap to achieve the same.

Both methods are important, because:
i. Without ‘expert’ gestures, the pleasure of using an app is restricted. We want tools to be as fluid and dexterous as our lives and fingers — especially as we become more familiar with them.
ii. You can’t *only* have the swipe gestures, because you’d have to tell people they exist, which isn’t good — you have to cater for the less tech fluent too.

Taps for novices; swipes and pinches for the experts.

There’s a good lesson in there for anything you make for a large number of people. Both literally and metaphorically, always be tap-friendly.

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